Course Syllabi

21st Century Literature

Advanced English Composition

American Government and Civics (new!)        

AP Language and Composition

American Literature

British Literature

Building Better Essays I    

Building Better Essays II (new!)

Creative Writing

Criminal Justice

Dystopian Literature  (new!)


Ethnicity and Diversity in America

French I

French II 

French Advanced

Intro to Critical Thinking  (new!)

Intro to Drama  (new!)

Intro to Poetry

Modern American History

Modern Middle East (new!)

(Modern) Classics

Post-Bellum American History

Psychology (CCV)

Public Speaking

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish Advanced

Sociology (CCV)

TED Talks

Theory of Knowledge

Vermont History and Politics (new!)

Women in US History A (new!)  

World History & Geography A Pre-1500 

World History & Geography B Post-1500

World Literature A: Asia and Europe

World Literature B: Africa and the Middle East

World Literature C: Latin American Literature