Lisa Cassetty, Isaac Demers, Rachel Keach, Kristen Eckhardt

The English Department at Danville aims to teach students the fundamentals of reading comprehension; writing mechanics, craft and composition; analysis and criticism of literature; research and inquiry; and a love of literature.

Students will graduate with the understanding that literature and information comes in a variety of forms, from many places and for many purposes; that written and oral expression are skills of paramount importance; that words and ideas matter.

Courses Required: 6

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Introductory Literature (at least 1)

World Literature A                       World Literature B                 American Literature

Introductory Writing (at least 1)

Building Better Essays                Creative Writing

Intermediate (at least 2)

21st Century Literature              British Literature                  Classics            Intro to  Poetry                            

Advanced (1 recommended)

AP Language and Composition          English Composition (CCV)          

Theory of Knowledge