Global Citizenship

Emma Bay-Hansen, David Warren, Amy Richard


Global Citizenship, or Social Studies, is the understanding that our place in the world depends on not only history, but civics, geography, politics, economics, and history. To exist in the world in an informed, responsible way, students at Danville acquire knowledge in each of these areas before graduation.

Our Global Citizenship courses assess students primarily through research papers and oral presentation. Students learn not by memorization or following a single path of events alone, but through inquiry, debate, and questioning.


Courses Required: 6

Introductory (at least 2)

World History & Geography A Pre-1500                   World History & Geography B Post-1500

Post-Civil War American History                                Modern American History

Intermediate (at least 2)

Criminal Justice                            Public Speaking                                      Genocide Studies              

TED Talks                                        Intro to Psychology                               

Research Topics in American History                         Ethnicity and Diversity in America

Advanced (1 recommended)               

Psychology                                                                           Sociology                                                   

Foundations of Education                                               Economics