Middle and High School 2017-2018


What do we grade at Danville?

  • Each course is connected to between 5 and 20 standards. Primarily, students are being asked to demonstrate proficiency towards those standards.
  • Additionally, teachers are often assessing prior knowledge, background knowledge, or something learned in a previous course. We refer to this as “scaffolding standards.” Scaffolding standards are not listed among the grade level course standards.
  • When an assignment is being used as evidence of proficiency toward  an embedded standard, the student will receive an overall assignment grade as well as a separate scores that reflect progress on the standards assessed.
  • When prerequisite or scaffolding standards are being assessed, they will be only be reflected in the overall grade for the assignment. An assignment that has a final score but no standards attached would be a review of past material.
  • When an assignment includes evidence of Habits of Work, the student will receive an overall assignment grade that includes embedded standards and HOW standards.
    • Meets assessment and work deadlines  (projects, papers, labs, homework, assessments handed in on time).
    • Participates in class (arrives on time and prepared, actively listens, responsive, participatory, uses technology per teacher policy
  • Not all assignments may have a HOW component
  • Teachers may also choose to give a weekly HOW grade as an assignment, encompassing items such as homework completion for the week, overall participation, etc.

Scoring of Standards

  • Grade level standards and a HOW (Habits of Work) score may be selected for each assignment
  • Each selected standard will receive a score of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
  • The cumulative score for each standard is an average of the most recent grades, as students’ ability to demonstrate proficiency increases with time

Scoring of Assignments

  • Assignment scores will be given on a 4-point scale in increments of 0.1
  • The final score for an assignment will be determined based on
    • Evidence of proficiency in meeting grade level standards standards
    • Evidence of proficiency in prerequisite or scaffolding standards
    • Evidence of meeting expected Habits of Work standards
    • Number of assessed elements correct or incorrect
    • The final score is not an average, it is determined by the teacher taking all elements of the students work into consideration
  • Assignments may be given additional weighting by the teacher, if they are larger, long-term or more summative.

The Proficiency Scale:

1.0 : not approaching proficiency or incomplete/no evidence

1.5 : not approaching proficiency, little and incomplete evidence

2.0 : approaching proficiency, not consistent or independent

2.5 : demonstrating proficiency inconsistently, not independently

3.0 : proficient consistently and independently

3.5 : demonstrating above grade level standard skill, sometimes

4.0 : evidence shows understanding exceeds the standard level requirement consistently

Missing assignments will appear as a 0.


Course Grade

  • The running, continuously updated course grade is an average of each final assignment score and includes weighted calculations for larger or more important assignments.
  • On the top of the Scoresheet screen, the Course Grade will be at the top right corner.

Grade Point Average

GPA is calculated at the end of the semester, and will only appear on transcripts, not in PowerSchool.

GPA is a weighted average of final course grades:

score x weight for each course, divided by number of courses

For example, if a student earned the following grades:

  • 3.2 in CCV Calculus (weighted 1.15)
  • 3.5 in World History and Geography (weighted 1.0)
  • 2.9 in French II (weighted 1.0)

GPA would calculate as (3.2 x 1.15) + (3.5 x 1.0) + (2.9 x 1.0) / 3 =  3.36

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Parents can view both a screen by assignment and a screen by standard.

Future assignments may also be visible as well.



Report Cards

Report cards will be printed at the end of each semester. There are no quarter grades, because course grades are calculated and visible continually throughout the semester.


Final Grade for the Course

The individual assignment grades will be averaged to determine the final grade for the class. A teacher may override this average if she or he feels it is not representative of demonstrated evidence and overall participation in the course.



The bar for students to pass a course is a 2.0 or higher on the final course grade.

If a student falls below a 2.5 on standards in a course, it may be determined by the teacher, counselor and administration that additional instruction is necessary and required, in the form of repeating that course or adding an additional course in that department to the following years’ schedule.

College Board Conversion Table

The College Board conversions can also be referenced at:


Sample Course Gradebook Page


Assignment Grade

HOW Standard Standard #1* Standard #2

Standard #3*

HW Week of 9/10

3.21 4.0
In Class Writing   9/14         3.01

Quiz                 9/15


Three Page Essay Due 9/21

2.3 3.5


Quiz          9/23




Summative Unit Test 9/30





Class Discussion  10/3



Five Page Research Paper Due 10/10


2.0 3.0


Course Grade

Final Standard Scores


2.5 2.5 3.7


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