Student Support

Danville offers students multiple avenues for academic and emotional support.

First we believe that in order for students to be ready and able to learn, they must feel confident in themselves, comfortable with their peers and their environment, and trust that mistakes will be supported as learning opportunities.

Support Staff

Jeremy Rector, Assistant Principal

Simon Fisher, 6-12 School Counselor

Pam Cushman PK-6 School Counselor

Melinda Johnson, Student Support Coordinator

Fawn Baesemann, School Nurse

Melissa Maney, NEKHS Home School Coordinator

Rebecca Hubbard, WCMH Positive Behavior Coordinator

Advisory in Grades 6-12

Advisories are student groups of 7-10 students, in the same grade, paired with a faculty advisor. In high school, students are in the same group for all four years.

Advisory meets twice per week, for 40 minutes on Mondays and Thursdays. Advisors are the primary advocate for students.

Advisory meetings in high school also cover the following: weekly grade and academic conferences, career planning, college exploration and application organization and team building.

Monthly assemblies to honor academic success, good citizenship and accomplishments also take place during advisory.

Academic Support

Office Hours (Grades 6-12)

Office Hour is a 60 minute block of time on Wednesdays where students can request to see a teacher for extra help. Additionally, a teacher can request to work with a particular student in order to discuss classwork, reteach a concept, or study for an assessment.

Tutorials (Grades K-12)

Tutorial time is twice per week for 40 minutes on Tuesdays and Fridays. Students who need additional help with math or reading skills or who score below grade level on the schoolwide STAR screener may also be placed in a tutorial group. Students may also request additional help and join a group by choice.


The Education Support Team (EST)

The EST team is made up of the Principal, Dean of Students, both School Counselors and the Student Support Coordinator. Often, the School Nurse, Special Education Teachers, Related Service Providers (Speech, Occupational Therapy) or classroom teachers will attend to provide updates and information.

A description of the roles of the EST team can be found by clicking here.

The form teachers use to refer students to the EST team can be viewed here.